Retroperitoneal Sarcoma



  • 10-15% of all STS


  • 30-60% are Liposarcoma
  • 20-30% are leiomyosarcoma


  • CT abdomen/pelvis with contrast
  • Core Biopsy if neoadjuvant therapy under consideration


  • primary treatment is resection
  • consider neoadjuvant RT or chemotherapy or chemoradiation to make tumor resectable
  • If unresectable palliative or supportive care


  • en-block resection of
    • tumor
    • viscera
    • margin of uninvolved tumor
    • 80-90% complete resection rate in recent series


  • role remains controversial
  • Pre-op RT: minimal acute and late toxicity and no increase in wound healing. Under study.
  • Intra-op RT
    • MGH: 40-50 preop EBRT + intra-op electron showed improved local control (83%) and OS (74%) vs. no IORT 30% and 61% respectively.
    • Mayo Clinic also reported improved local control using similar treatment approach.
  • Post-op RT: limited data shows delay in local relapse (local relapse free survival 103 vs 30 months) but not prevention [1], [2]


  • local control rate of 40-60%
  • OS-5 of 50-60%
  • most deaths are caused by local rather than systemic recurrence
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