Lipomatous tumors
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  • second most common soft tissue sarcoma
  • 40% (most common) - myxoid liposarcoma (mostly low-grade/intermediate-grade)


  • Most commonly presents in the lower extremities followed by the retroperitoneum/intra-abdominal areas.


  • myxoid liposarcoma has unusual pattern of recurrence
    • predilection for soft tissue metastasis, most commonly retroperitoneum and mediastinum
    • multifocal recurrence pattern


  • myxoid liposarcoma has unusual sensitive response to RT
  • marginal or intralesional resection and RT (median 60 Gy) "high" 5-year local control rate.[1]
1. Hatano H, Ogose A, Hotta T, Kawashima H, Sugita T, Sasamoto R, Endo N. Treatment of myxoid liposarcoma by marginal or intralesional resection combined with radiotherapy. Anticancer Res. 2003 May-Jun;23(3C):3045-9. PMID: 12926159
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