High Risk Prostate Cancer


  • radiation therapy at 2.7 Gy per fraction was well tolerated acutely. Reference: Pollack, et al. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics. 2006 (Feb 1);64(2):518-26

Androgen Ablation

== Anti-androgen Trials ==

  • Androgen Ablation (AA) is indicated for following situations
  • 3 years of AA for "high-risk":(ie. T3/T4 or Gleason 8-10) based on Bolla trial
  • Alternatively 2 years and 4 months of AA for Gleason 8-10 based on RTOG 9202.
  • Life time AA for Pelvic or para-aortic LN(+) based on RTOG 85-31
  • 6 mont AA for Intermediate risk based on D-Amico (Mass Gen)
RTOG 8610 None 4 mo. Local Control bulky G: 2-6
RTOG 8531 None Life Survival regional LN(+)
RTOG 9202 4 mo. 2 yrs & 4 mo. DFS G: 8-10
EORTC (Bolla) None 3 yrs. Survival All high-risk
D-Amico None 6 mo. OS-5 Intermediate

RTOG 75-06

  • Para-aortic and pelvic radiation shows no survival advantage over pelvic radiation for Stage C or Stage A and B with positive nodes.
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