Breast Cancer

Brachial plexus syndrome

  • Motor weakness in the upper plexus alone or by both the upper and lower plexus is most associated with a late effect of irradiation.
  • Tumor recurrence will more likely involve motor weakness in the lower brachial plexus alone (C7, C8 and T1).

Bone Metastasis from Breast

Metastasis to the epidural spine

  • worsening back pain in the supine position or with Valsalva maneuver

Single-fraction radiation therapy is/has

  • equally effective for pain relief;
  • higher rates of retreatment
  • higher subsequent bone fracture
  • decreased recalcification


  • Samarium must be used in conjunction with local radiation when there is extraosseous tumor extension

Hemibody RT

  • Single doses of 6 Gy or 8 Gy have been used to treat the hemibody for palliation of skeletal metastases,
  • Duration of response in 14 weeks, and acute toxicities are better with these dose selections.

== Brain Metastasis ==

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