Surgical Resection

Adequate pulmonary function for Surgical Resection based on RTOGb0412, defined as follows:

  • FEV1 at least 2.0 liters;
  • if less than 2.0 liters, the predicted post-resection FEV1 must be at least 0.8 liters based on the following formula using the quantitative V/Q scan:
  • Predicted post-resection FEV1=FEV1 x % perfusion to the residual, unresected lung;
  • Diffusion capacity should be ≥ 50% predicted;

NSCLC, Post operative

  • FEV1 (≥ 1.0) sufficient for patient to tolerate protocol radiation therapy. (RTOG 97-05)

SCLC, limited stage

  • Pretreatment FEV-1 ≥ 1.0 L/sec (RTOG 0241)
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