Gyn Endometrial Stage

Pathologic Staging

Majority of patients are Stage I or II at diagnosis.
Prior to 1988 – disease was clinically staged. System now used only for inoperable patients as disease is now surgically staged.
Surgical staging allows determination and assessment of defined prognostic factors.

1988 FIGO Surgical Staging

FIGO Stage Description Survival
I Limited to corpus
IA Limited to endometrium 91%
IB < ½ myometrial invasion 88%
IC > ½ myometrial invasion 81%
II Extension to cervix
IIA Endocervical gland involvement 77%
IIB Cervical stroma invasion 67%
III Beyond uterus
IIIA Serosal / adnexal involvement or + peritoneal cytology 60%
IIIB Vaginal involvement 41%
IIIC + pelvic or PA nodes 32%
IV Beyond pelvis or bladder or rectum
IVA Bladder / rectal mucosa involvement 5%
IVB Distant metastases < 5%

Clinical Staging

0 Carcinoma in situ
I Limited to corpus
IA < 8 cm
IB ≥ 8 cm
IG1 Highly differentiated adenocarcinoma
IG2 Partially Solid Areas
IG2 Predominantly Solid Areas
II Extension to cervix
III Beyond uterus but not true pelvis (not involving bladder or rectum)
IV Bladder / rectal mucosa involvement or outside true pelvis
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