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Basal Cell Definitive Radation

Counseling and coordination of care.
While newer, nonsurgical therapeutic modalities are future possibilities, currently available medical modalities are considered to be experimental, with cure rates less than that of surgical modalities. Surgical resection such as Mohs micrographically controlled surgery has a high cure rate (99% for primary BCC, 90-95% for recurrent BCC). For lesions of the central face especially for eyelids, ala of the nose and lips or large lesions on the ears, forehead & scalpe, surgical resection potentially may have poor functional or cosmetic outcome. Ionizing radiation is a good treatment those patients who have facial tumors listed above as radiation has similar tumor control with less loss of skin. However, radiation therapy requires multiple visits. Complication of radiation to skin includes telangectasias, skin atrophy, hypopigmentation, skin necrosis (~3%), osteoradionecrosis (~1%), chondritis/cartilage necrosis (rare if fraction size is < 300 cGy per day), hair loss, and loss of sweat glands.

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