Consult Lymphoma Extranodal Sites
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MALT lymphomas of the orbit have a very favorable prognosis. Because extraorbital involvement at diagnosis is rare and disase progression slow, extensive metastatic workup was not recomended. I will (have) ordered orbital MR scan, CBC, LFT and CXR. I will treate to 2700 cGy in 15 fractions to the whole orbit. Acute and chronic damage to lens, cornea, iris, lacrimal gland, bony orbit, retina, and optic nerve were discussed included potential for cataracts, keratitis, corneal ulceration, neovascular glaucoma. At these doses the potential for cataract is very high and he will likely need a cataract surgery at some point.

While the chances for local recurrence or distant failure is low, I will follow thie patient at regular intervals to check.

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