Breast Conservation after Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy



Risk Factors

Presentation and Evaluation



Clinical Presentation

Routes of Spread

Diagnostic Studies




Prognostic Factors



NSABP B-18 (Wolmark JNCI 01, Fisher JCO 97)

  • Chemotherapy: four cycles of doxorubicin (60 mg/m2)/cyclophosphamide(600 mg/m2) (AC) chemotherapy every 21 days
  • Surgery: lumpectomy and axillary lymph node dissection or modified radical mastectomy
  • Radiation: Given for patients with lumpectomies
  • Pre-op regiment: ACx4/TAM x 5 year - Surgery - RT (if lumpectomy)
  • Post-op regiment: Surgery - AC x 4 - RT(if lumpectomy) - TAM x 5 years


Groups 9-OS 9-DFS IBRT Lumpectomy
pre-op 69% 55% 10.7% 59.8%
post-op 70% 53% 7.6% 67.8%
p-value N.S. N.S. N.S.


  • 12% more lumpectomies in preoperative group
  • > 20% of patients who were initially considered unresectable become resectable after chemotehrapy
  • Ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence was higher in pre-operative group 10.7% 7.6%, but not statistically significant.
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