Breast Cancer Presentation

Clinical Presentation

Palpable Masses.

  • 20% of palpable masses are invasive carcinoma upon biopsy.

Pathological results of a palpable mass by age

Age malignant Fibroadenomas Fiborcystic Disease
25-40 10% 25% 55%
35-55 35% 10% 30%
55 85% N/A N/A

Most common location for breast cancer
1 Upper outer
2 retroaereola
3 upper inner
4 lower inner
5 lower outer

Screening Mammogram

  • Calcifications: Pleomorphic microcalcification which may be clustered or linear and branching. (DCIS is the most common malignant neoplasm associated with calcification).
  • Density: Spiculated density with irregular infiltration of the surrounding tissue. Medullary and mucinous may be well circumscribed.

Mammographic Appearance of Breast Cancer

  • Density
  • Speculated density
  • Irregular infiltration
  • Architectural distortion
  • Calcification
  • Small, irregular, numerous, and clustered or linear and breanching
  • Changes over time
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