Breast Cancer Anatomy
Table of Contents
Pectoralis Minor
  • distal attachment: Coracoid process of scapula
  • proximal attachment: ribs 3-5

1-3. Axillary

  • Level I (low-axilla): lateral to pectoralis minor; inferior border is at about 6th rib.
  • Level II (mid-axilla): between medial and lateral borders of pectoralis minor and interpectoral (Rotter's) nodes
  • Level III (apical axilla): medial to pectoralis minor

5. Internal Mammary

  • intercostal spaces alone the edge of the sternum in the endothoracic fascia

4. Supraclavicular (Nodes in the supraclavicular fossa, a triangle defined by)

  • omohyoid muscle and tendon
  • medial border - of the internal jugular vein
  • lower border - clavicle and subclavian vein
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